Mark Ecko Designs the Scary Jason Hoodie

Mark Ecko Jason Hoodie

Gaming fans and fashionable geeks must be celebrating all new range of trendy designer cloth lines and products which are inspired by video games and cult movies.  Designer Mark Ecko seems to have taken fancy to the cult of Friday the 13th series of horror movies and designed scary Jason Hoodie based on the formidable character Jason, as this jacket and hoodie seems to be straight out of the horror movie set. Horror movie fans will love to have this Jason Hoodie to scare people away for sheer thrill and fun.

Mankind always has a fascination for the scary, mysterious and unknown and latest movie, gaming trends seeming to be cashing on it. That’s why vampires, monsters, witches and dark cult characters enjoy so much of popularity. Unlike vampires Jason is not a wronged soul seeking revenge; he simply is monstrous being who likes to stalk, kill and does it all to please his mother. Not a very inspiring character for the kids to ape.  The lesser these violent characters become popular the better for world is already fraught with violence. This Jason Hoodie seems more suited as a Halloween costume.

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Via Inventorspot