Canned Tetris Art

tetris can art

There was once a time when one could get almost everything one wanted in cans, and it seems that that craze for canned stuff hasn’t died out and this tower of cans replicating a screenshot of the Tetris game is a testament to just that as was the case with the Pacman Can Art.

The work of some of the Tetris crazed architects, patricodacious at the Smith group of architects, this design looks pretty neat and revives fond old memories of hours spent in front of those huge consoles playing Tetris. Its a strange thing that they thought to fuse together two iconic items into a single piece of art. Or maybe they just got bored of waiting around for the recession to end. Even though it looks decent I doubt the creator of this piece was very good at Tetris because he seems to e in pretty bad condition(or at least that’s what the tower cans say)

To conclude it must be said that the piece looks good and the idea isn’t too shabby either, but the question here is: what is the expiry date on those cans? I mean won’t they go bad sometime?