USB Alien With Illuminated Tongue Is A Must Have

USB Alien With Illuminated Tongue

Aliens are not always dangerous as many would have us believe and you would agree, if you take a look at this USB Alien With The Illuminated Tongue. First things first, the attention to detail is near-perfect, with even the scary ‘slide out’ tongue making its appearance. The design, well, is plasticky at places and slick otherwise. So, we certainly would rate it high on the appeal factor. For enthusiasts and ardent fans of the iconic franchise, this is as good as it gets. And practicality, we are sure, is a secondary reason for people who would gobble up anything ‘alien’. However, for the sake of formality, we have to mention that the USB here is a 1m cord.

USB Alien
The most interesting aspect, as the name itself would suggest, is the illumination in the protruding tongue. To add to this, the tongue flicks out at random, when you might be in the middle of something. So, people with a weaker gut perhaps need to put some thought into their purchase decision. For the rest, this is the perfect addition to their USB collection. The USB Alien created by Cube Japan is available for 6450 Yen, but we aren’t sure if it has hit the shelves
in the US yet.

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Source: Akihabaranews