The Recyclable Computer Concept


More and more people around the world are going green, and I do not mean with envy for anything, but only towards technology and cardboard art. And since we are all so addicted to our laptops and computers, Je Sung Park, decided to turn them GREEN. Environment friendly thoughts have now been inspiring people to come up with effectively priced, green, futuristic and reliable technologies and concepts, which contributes towards the betterment of the environment…just like this concept of the recyclable paper computer.

The idea of a disposable computer is not very convincing, but I think the idea of having a new gadget, just when you feel like, is too tempting for people not to jump into this new green trend. We have all accepted the disposable mobile phones and cameras, now the concept is just being applied to a larger product. As the world continues to grow in and progress towards the digital age, the use of these machines is rapidly increasing and so is their reuse, and disposal…which always creates a problem. So the idea of recyclable computers is very interesting.

The concept has been applied to a laptop as you can see in the pictures above, and there is no great science behind it except that, recycled paper and pulp materials will be used to make the exteriors, and thus any part of the computer can be replaced anytime. If you are interested in other green concepts then you should take a look at the leaf phone design.

Via: Gadgets.infoniac