USB Communication Device Is Actually A Metaphor

USB Communication

It isn’t literally the ‘string and box’ contraption that we grew up playing with, but has a deeper meaning attached to it by combining old school childhood hobbies with modern USb Design.

We are talking about this ‘designer’ container conversation device that takes you on a nostalgic trip. It is actually a figurative explanation of the effect of ‘USB’ on this present generation. The technology is as ubiquitous as it comes, so much so that we can actually compare it with the 1 foot long communication device that we hollered into, hoping the person on the other end of the string finds it audible enough. USB has literally shrunk ‘communications’.

A clever and highly ingenious thought, this medium of explanation has perhaps been never explored. So, we wouldn’t blame most of the audience, which spends a minute or two staring with a blank expression, trying to figure out if this device has any ‘technology’ at all. Well, if you are talking advancements in thought processes, then definitely this is ahead of its time. Certainly not layman language, but smart enough to make the message clear! Disappointed gadget freaks perhaps could work on an evolved, tech-laden ‘string and box’ communication device, after all.

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Source: Dialog05