Geeky Yoda Cake Will Make Star Wars Geeks Salivate


For all Star Wars fans in general and Yoda fans in particular, here’s some good news to bring cheer this festive season with this magnificent Yoda cake, drawing its inspiration from Star Wars Yoda – one of the most celebrated and powerful Jedi Masters of all times, is here to sweeten your celebrations.

Though the Yoda cake looks extremely realistic, it doesn’t compromise on its sweetness. So, you can definitely treat your taste buds to this super sweet cake, designed with a difference, which is the brainchild of Debbie – the master baker.

To give this 16? tall cake a realistic look, Yoda has a lightsaber in his hand (thanks to a glow stick that’s used for the purpose). Though the glow stick would emit light only for a temporary period of time, it creates that magic touch which would surely be lapped up by all Star Wars fans and even those who are not much impressed by the films belonging to the franchise.

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Via:  CraziestGadgets