Super Mario Bros Camouflage Hoodie Design


If you are a gaming geek who often has to go through gaming sessions throughout the night, you can check out this cool Super Mario camouflage hoodie that is extremely geeky and fun. You can call the present hoodie – Marioflage 1-2, an upgraded version of their last named Marioflage 1-1. Having a dark underground color scheme, this hoodie inspired by 8-bit graphics is sure to enchant you. What’s more, it’s just the right attire for those avid gamers, thanks to the 8-bit smokescreen type design that begins to split into chunks close to the top of the dress, reminding one that perhaps it’s either dust in the cartridge or an improvised GameShark code that’s at work.


This Marioflage 1-2 hoodie, which is made of 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester, also comes loaded with a lined hood having triple panels, Mushroom zipper-pull, and Ipod pocket with WarpZone inside it.


To procure this hoodie for yourself, you will have to shell out $65. But if you want other amazing choices, check out the cool Captain America Hoodie, the Pacman Hoodie or even the scary Jason Voorhees Hoodie.

Via: Geekologie