Pico Bayard Mini Computer Is Ingenious

Pico Bayard

The Pico Bayard designed by Jeffrey Stephenson is a smart gadget with dual functionality – a hybrid computer and a digital photo frame rolled into one neat looking package. It is a shade taller than your can of coca cola, and houses a 1GHz VIA C7 processor, along with 1GB DDR2 memory. It is inspired from the mantle clock design of Bayard, a French clockmaker.

Additional features of this interesting ‘computer’ include Wi-Fi (adjustable antenna at the rear), EarthLCD 8” touchscreen, and an 80W picoPSU. We can’t stop praising the design, though. The chrome accents on the sides catch our attention, in particular. Vents are provided at the top for air circulation, preventing potential CPU damage due to overheating. We say, that’s quite thoughtful, considering the size of this midget device. Special credit to the designer for his dexterity, too, for the Pico Bayard was built with just a cordless drill, custom made jigs, and Johnson’s paste wax. Quite simple for a ‘state-of-the-art device’ we must say! If you are interested in this ‘desktop’ miniature computer, you should perhaps get in touch with Jeffrey.

Pico Bayard Computer

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Pico Bayard Heat Vent