The Krator Orpheus WG-07 Guitar Is Metallic

Krator Orpheus WG-07 guitar controller

Some people take the word ‘heavy metal’ way too literally, like the blokes from Krator who have designed this all metal guitar – the Orpheus WG-07. Well, we would not be delving too much into the way it looks, for obvious reasons. Heck, this is one stunning creation. It is made out of aluminum and wood and is a clear complement to the Guitar Hero designs that we have come across in recent times. Krator Orpheus WG-07 is completely wireless and compatible with the Rock Band software as well (in addition to Guitar Hero). Krator, though has gone one step further, making it work with MTV games too.


If you have grown up listening to ‘metal’, now is the time to show your true love for the genre. This toughie here is a great addition to your instrument collection too, if that’s a hobby. You wouldn’t find stuff like these too often. It offers a range of 10 meters, and works with PCs and PS3 gaming systems. The finish is immaculately slick, while the design leaves us drooling. Krator has scored big on this one!

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Krator Via: PocketLint