12 Sided IQ Pentagon Is The Daddy Of The Rubik Cube

12 Surface IQ Pentagon

If you found the Rubik’s cube hard to crack, here comes its daddy – the 12 Sided IQ Pentagon, a puzzle on the same lines but a lot tougher to solve. Although most of us are left wondering why there never were any evolutions of the cube (no 12-sided figures or 16-surface puzzles), it certainly makes sense now considering how complex this one looks. There are algorithms and tips on how to crack the Rubik puzzle, but none yet perhaps for the Pentagon, which makes it all the more enticing. Measuring 10 cm on all dimensions, the Pentagon has twelve different colors to keep you tied to it the entire day or probably days together.

For those who have grown tired of solving the Rubik’s puzzle a million times, the Pentagon puzzle is a welcome break. It is complex, yes, and contributes a lot more than the former towards building out-of-the-box thinking and reasoning. It costs around $59.99 and is a great companion when monotony hits you. Care for a one-minute IQ test, anybody? Perhaps, not just yet! This code will take some time to decipher.

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