Send Shots: Cool New Web App to Share Private Video Messages

send shots

The Internet has brought friends and family so close that we no longer need to worry about sending emails or asking the other person to be Online at the same time on the other side of the computer, in order to see each other. Since web applications are growing in a very rapid manner, things are set to change in the coming future. Send Shots is a cool new Online application that allows you to share videos in 3 easy steps, wherever you might be located.

All you would need to do is record a video through the webcam by allowing Send Shots access to your cam, and then select the recipients and send it! It is still in the beta stage and is free. Once you think you are ready, you just have to click on record and then press “stop” when you are done, and then save the recording to send it to your friends and family. Thanks to Send Shots, sending instant private video messages have become all the much easier.

While there are similar webcam services through online chat services, most of them are “live” and hence you have little control over the actual message. By allowing you to record a video, Send Shots gives you more control over what can be seen and what can be avoid being shown. If you have trouble searching for friends who are lost, try the Google Social Search, and when you do find them online, shock them with a video of your with the Send Shots service.