Top Christmas Gift Gadgets for Men

Christmas is just around the corner and you cannot simply wait till it arrives to buy gifts for yourself or for your friends. In order to have a successful Christmas, it is mandatory that you buy gifts as soon as possible and that you are prepared for the Christmas Day. This is always why we gathered the Men Gadgets gift guide ahead of schedule.

While you can’t really judge what people might like, you may have the tendency to think about gifts based on gender lines. I believe you should never make that glorious mistake of thinking certain gadgets are for women and certain gadgets are for men, for that idea is not only sexist, but it surely might offend a woman if you bought a pink USB gadget, because she is a WOMAN!

Well, since you are a guy, you could just be yourself and buy what you think is cool, rather than worrying about who would receive the gift. Hence, instead of trying to choose gifts based on gender lines, you should just buy gadget gifts based on their coolness, utility and functionality. Gifts can be thought of in a thousand ways, and it can get quite confusing.

If you do not want to spend time thinking about what to buy and what not to, just take a look at the Christmas gift ideas list we compiled and try buying them. Who knows, the list might help you buy something else that is not mentioned in it as well, thanks to “free association”!

Music and Media Players

There is nothing better than giving a great gadget that plays music, for it is music that most men and women like to listen to in their free time. The safest gift that you could buy for someone is an iPod Touch or Zune. These two gadgets are good in their own ways and may appeal to different people and Zune is more of a media player than just a music or mp3 player. With their sleek looks, both Zune and iPod Touch can be great gifts regardless of gender.

music player zune

The Zune in its photogenic glory costs $219.99 and above.

music player iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is still the most popular music player at $274.99.

eBook Readers

When the Amazon Kindle was released, it instantly became a success but many people still do not like the concept of eBook readers because it sounds so hi-tech. If you know people who like reading books but do not know how convenient it is to carry an eBook reader, you could gift them one of these cool eBook Readers.

ereader kindle

The Amazon Kindle DX is sleek, and does its job in a cool manner for $489.

ereader sony digital

The Sony Digital Reader Touch is really sleek. Get it for $282.47.

ereader cybook opus

The Bookeen Cybook Opus reader is a gift to book lovers and costs $249.99.

Video Game Consoles

There is nothing better than introducing your non-geek friend to the world of video games. The best way to do it is by buying an amazing console of your choice. If the person is already familiar with video games, you could buy his/her favorite console this Christmas.

console psp go

PSP Go is handy, and easy to carry around and costs $249.99.

console ps3 slim

PS3 Slim is PlayStation’s latest console and it is beyond cool and costs $299.

console xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is amazingly versatile and is a great gift for $399.99 for the Modern Warfare 2 Bundle

console wii

The Nintendo Wii has an amazing array of games that can be played on it for just $199.99.

console ds

Nintendo’s hand held offering, the DSi is super-cool for $169.99.

Camera and Photographic Gadgets

There is nothing better than buying a great camera for yourself or your friend/family this Christmas. Encourage them to take pictures that are timeless and that which can be cherished life-long.

camera olympus digital

The Zoom Olympus Digital Camera rocks with amazing specs. It costs $599.

camera underwater digital

This underwater digital camera can be a great gift to budding divers and costs $99.95.

camera two in one binocs

This digital camera doubles up as binoculars too. They are great while traveling and cost $299.95.

Fun Gadgets

No Christmas is complete without a few fun things to do. In case you were looking for some gadgets that are fun and not so technical, the Online world is full of them to buy and order. Both man and women like similar products though the gender lines have been exaggerated a lot to market products from the time consumerism came to be. Thus, you can buy these cool gifts for both men and women.

fun touchscreen rubik

The Touchscreen Rubik’s Cube is one helluva gift for those who love this eternal puzzle game. It costs $149.95.

fun rubik puzzle

You could also try this cool Rubik’s Cube 360 Puzzle which is quite different from the rest. It costs $16.69.

fun powermat

Another cool product that you could gift is the Powermat Wireless Charger, which can be used with most small gadgets like phones, mp3 players and others. Visit their site.

USB Gadgets

USB gadgets have become completely cool and they are no longer just used for connectivity or data transfer. Take a look at these wonderful USB gadgets.

usb monitor

The Mimo Mini USB monitor is fast, convenient and portable. It costs $129.99.

usb endoscope

The USB Digital Endoscope brings the health monitor to every home, and you could do it yourself, in comfort and privacy! It costs $99.99.

usb retro fan

If you begin to feel hot after working for long hours by the computer, use the Retro USB Fan for $14.99.

Spy Gadgets

There is nothing better than some cool gadgets to spy people on. There lies a voyeur in all of us, regardless of our genders.

spy camera pen

Spy on people using a Video Camera Pen! It costs $129.95.

spy cam cap

Wear a cap, and film people without them noticing you! The Spy Cap costs $165.63.

spy cam tie

This has to be given only to men, and the Spy Tie lets the business executive to do “unthinkable things”. It costs $66.

Sinful Gadgets

Unleash the sinner in you and turn others into sinners as well. Or make them feel guilty for their sins by buying these cool sinful gifts.

sinful bprd lighter

The BPRD Hellboy Lighter for chain smokers and fans of Hell Boy costs $29.99.

sinful beer pong

Poolside Beer Pong for beer lovers is cool, but warn those who use it to not get drunk and sit beside the pool. It costs $49.99.

sinful french maid computer

The French Maid Computer for the perverse geeks costs $575.