QWERTY Rubik’s Cube Is An Unsolved Puzzle

QWERTY Rubik Cube

If the Rubik’s Cube monotony has gotten to you, there is a solution in this nonlinear QWERTY cube based on a computer keyboard that any person leaving in the computer age is familiar with. The only problem is that nobody seems to have quite figured out what to do with it and how to solve whatever puzzle it holds. It has 6 faces like your regular Rubik’s cube, although there are 4 rows and 4 columns on each face, with the squares containing numbers and alphabets from the keyboard. Perhaps the designer wishes us to align the squares the way we see them on the keyboard. In that case, it should still be an issue since there is no sequence here.

The QWERTY keyboard based Rubik’s cube is quite interesting in appearance and is intriguing too, but one that leaves you clueless. There is no solution key available, so we might have to wait for a while. We have come across 12 sided pentagon puzzles, and color cubes, but this one’s clearly different from all these. If any of you has any idea how to solve this puzzle, please let us know!

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Source: 9Gag