Snowbot is a USB Powered Robot


Drawing inspiration from the winter-themed beacon, this small robot – the Snowbot, is the ideal way to bring some cheer into your home this festive season. The Snowbot is powered by a simple USB port, and has a scanning light (thanks to the Scanning LED Robotic Eye) – something that will remind you of those futuristic robots which you have seen so often on your TV screens. You can select the color of the LED Robotic Eye (available in red or blue) before bringing your own Snowbot home.

With a knob, you can even control the speed of the scan, and turn on/off the noise that accompanies the scanning process. With a coiled (12″) USB cable that extends to 30″ along with rotating and articulating metallic arms, each Snowbot looks nothing short of a part of the futuristic robot armies. What’s more – you also have an authentic Snowbot sound to match the geeky appearance of this robot!

So, go and get a Snowbot of your own to make the most of the upcoming holidays for only $11.99.