Green Smoke Unveils Awesome E-hookah Gadget

green smoke hookah

If there was something that was more annoying than your partner screaming at you for smoking too much, it has to be the weird law that you can’t smoke in public anymore. The smoking ban is so bad that you cannot even smoke those lovely hookahs anymore.

The new patented Green Smoke Product called the E-hookah is an amazing device which comes with a laptop quality battery and you can smoke for hours with just a short period of charging. It comes with disposable cartridges and with so many flavors and nicotine levels available, it is one of the best buys.

The Green Smoke E-Hookah is one of the more stylish gadgets available today and it has been proved that smoking hookah is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. The Green hookah costs $299 and is a great way to make yourself happy and I would love to get this of myself but would have to smoke in the house anyway.

It would be great if many more flavours are available and it is said that hookah smoking is injurious to health but it must be surely better than cigarettes. Moreover, it would be a great attraction for your guests, if you hold parties! If you were looking for an alternative to traditional smoking, you could try the Electric Cigar which we wrote about long time ago.