Animated Star Trek Lamp Promises To Scare Away Aliens From Your Room!

star trek illuminated lamp

Anyone who hasn’t heard the line from the opening credits of Star Trek, Space the final frontier, has either lived under a rock his whole life or been banished to some crazed far-away planet and is awaiting rescue by Capt. Kirk and his faithful crew. The Animated Musical Starship Enterprise Lamp doesn’t just play the famous quote for you in the voice of William Shatner but it also holds a miniature model of the Starship Enterprise.

The lampshade has the image of the NCC-1701 stamped across it but the coolest thing about the lamp is the rotating eight inch replica. The aircraft has been designed with specific attention to all the little details and the craft is highlighted by four color-changing LEDs. A button on the base can turn the rotation and music on/off but I’m guessing there is also a button that would help you initiate communication with the crew (even though there’s no mention of that!)

Imagine setting this up in your room and falling asleep watching the shadow of the Starship Enterprise cruising the contours of your bedroom walls. I don’t like lamps in my room but just give me $100 and this animated lamp would be going into my room (where no lamp has been before..)!

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