Cool Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headsets Come in Vibrant Colours

bluetooth headset model

If you thought wearing Bluetooth headsets made you look geekier, you must try these cool and pretty Aliph’s second-generation Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headsets, for they are designed in an impeccable fashion and come in vibrant colors, which in turn ward off the gloom of the winter.

bluetooth headset red

With bright colors such as red, yellow, orange and purple being made available, the fashion conscious can rest assured that they can wear a Prime headset which suits the outfit they are wearing. If you do not like such bright colors, you could also choose black, brown or platinum. With respect to audio quality, the NoiseAssassin’s Voice Activity Sensor provides noise elimination and even the distortion that is caused by wind is eliminated.

bluetooth headset

With amazing features like Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 and 2.1 + EDR support, 10 meter range, 4.5 hours talk time, 8 days standby time and the ability to connect to devices simultaneously, Jawbone Prime is one helluva model that will surely impress everyone. It costs $130 and is worth every single cent you would spend on it. You could also read about the Blue Tooth House which can also be used an earpiece holder. Thanks to the vibrant colors of the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headsets, there is no room for any gloom anymore!

Via: Gizmodo