Feed Your Kitties with this Internet Enabled Cat Feeder

cat feeder

Ensuring that your kitties are properly cared for and fed at the right time while you are away from home can often become a big headache; However, you can now rest easy, thanks to the innovative cat feeder that’s internet-enabled, which is the brainchild of Mathew Newton.

With this novel cat feeder, you can now stay connected to what’s happening back home. This cat feeder will enable you to feed your cat well and in a timely manner. This machine has a programmed Cisco switch that’s controlled by signals emitted from port status LEDs on it. When you log onto the web and instruct the machine to give out the food, the machine will open the CD-ROM tray (thanks to the powerful motor that drives it) and dispense cat food in the quantities that you have specified for your pet. You may even set the system on an automatic feed schedule and observe live video of the entire proceeding.

So, go on your business tours now without worrying about your cat as the cat feeder back home will take good care of your pet.

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Via: Gizmo Watch