Pop The Weasel Will Bust An Eye To Keep The Door Open For You!

pop the weasel

It’s not every day that a character in a nursery rhyme comes to life and pleads with you to take it home and torture, so, when that does happen, jump at the chance and do just that! Pop the Weasel might have been run over by a car but he still looks cute enough to just dust him off and take him home. Plus, that flat torso of his means he’ll work great as a doorstop now.

This $25 rubber-made roadkill is precious because it not only takes the burden of just about any door on his back, Pop also has this cute (read gross) way of popping an eyeball when the strain gets to be too much. Try slamming a door when Pop the Weasel is at work and you can be sure that his eye would burst right out of his socket. You don’t want to have to clean that bloody gore off your carpet, so take care of Pop instead.

Pop the Weasel comes in his own coffin with the tire marks of the car that killed him still looking fresh. You even get to have his Death certificate (just so you can mourn for him on that special day every passing year)! What better way is there to stop your doors from banging shut behind you then to have Pop hold it open like the dead pet that he is?

a great creation that reminds me a little of the funny Toothpaste Heads and also the Squeeze Head Condiment Dispensers.

Via: NerdApproved