The Universal Video Converter: The Next Generation Geek Device


Now this is what can be called a real cool gadget for Geeks, which has already taken the center stage in the market to build up your confidence, for this Universal Video Converter can converts analog video contents without a computer and even from any medium into a digital format.

It sounds really cool doesn’t it? Even cool is a very small word to describe this device. The size of this Universal Video Converter is 6 1/4″L x 4 1/2″ W x 1 1/4″ H, smaller than a VHS tape, means it can carry easily every where.

This converter is also multi-device compatible, as it can even be connected to any player like VHS player, DVD player, DVR or even with a television using composite outputs with RCA cables.

With one press of a button the video would be converted into MPEG-4 digital file at 30 FPS with a 640 X 480 pixel size. These MPEG-4 files can saved into the SD or SDHC memory card which fits into this device. The built-in software available with this, allows you to view, organize and edit videos on a computer with operating system of Windows 7, XP or Vista and It supports upto 32 GB memory card to store. The package comes with an AC adapter with a total price tag of $99.95.

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