Coolest Star Wars Christmas Ornaments You Could Ever Find

cool star wars ornament

There have been many epics written in human history with the most famous epics in human history called the Iliad, Odyssey, Paradise Lost and Beowulf among dozens of others. Epics have been written in the ancient period, the medieval age and even during the contemporary and modern era. The most famous epic written in our times is the Star Wars. The Star Wars space opera franchise is one of those epic series that have been turned into films, games and musicals. Originally released in May 25 1977, it takes place in a fictional galaxy where alien creatures, humanoids and robotic droids fight each other.

The Star Wars themes and ideas are explicitly revealed in what could be called Jediism, where a certain Force exists that can be used for both good and bad. Those who use it for good purposes are called Jedi and those who use for bad purposes are called Sith. In fact, inspired by the Star Wars epic, many people around the world have begun to practice Jedi as a religion and believe that the “Force” exists. While I can’t really comment on that, I am sure it would be great fun to have a Christmas tree that is decorated with Star Wars characters and themes. Hence, let us take a look at all the wonderful Star Wars themed ornaments that could be found.

Skywalker Family Christmas Tree Ornaments

family anakin cool skywalker

The Skywalker family is one of the most prominent ones seen in the Star Wars universe. They are a Force-sensitive family started by Shmi Skywalker. His son Anakin Skywalker is born with the help of the force. Anakin secretly marries Padme Amidala who gives birth to Luke Skywalker and princess Leia. The family is central to the saga of Star Wars and upholding the beliefs of the Jedi. You could start your Star Wars Christmas Tree decorations with ornaments that have been inspired by the family like the ones here.

family anakin skywalker

family luke skywalker

family padme ornament

family princess leia

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Star Wars Antagonists Christmas Tree Ornaments

antagonist darth vader cool ornament

Darth Vader is the central antagonist who is also one of the most iconic villains of the 20th century. Darth Vader is a fearsome cyborg who is also the supreme commander of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor is another scary antagonist that you would not mess with. However, you could get these guys to decorate your Christmas tree if you use ornaments that have been inspired by them.

antagonist darth vader hidieous ornament

antagonist darth vader ornament

antagonist darth vader scary ornament

antagonist emperor ornament

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Star Wars Fighter Christmas Tree Ornaments

weapons xwing fighter ornament

There are many cool weapons used in the Star Wars and also vehicles that destroy the enemies. You could take a look at this cool X-Wing Fighter Christmas ornament which brings the battlefield to your house. The Millennium Falcon is another cool Star Wars weapon that could decorate your tree in an awesome way. Or check out the Clone Troopers who are many in number and keep the fighting going. Ahsoka Tano is one of the fighters who fight for the Jedi and she is awesome character. The warriors, weapons and vehicles used in Star Wars have been truly science-fictional and futuristic.

weapons millenium falcom ornament

weapons cool clone trooper ornament

weapons clone trooper ornament

weapons ahsoka tano ornament

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Star Wars Droids Christmas Tree Ornaments

robotic r2d2 ornament

There are several robots and droids used in the Star Wars movies and games. One of the most recognizable is the R2D2 robot. R2D2 appears in all the six movies of Star Wars and the droid’s companion is C-3PO which is another droid. AT-ATs are fictional vehicles that walk by themselves and all these cool robots and droids make up for a great Christmas tree decoration. Take a look at these ornaments inspired by them.

robotic r2d2 felt ornament

robotic r2d2 cool ornament

robotic c3po ornament

robotic atat ornament

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Star Wars Yoda Christmas Tree Ornaments

yoda ornament

Yoda is one of the greatest Jedi and has trained many Jedi himself. He is apparently 900 years old and has a wisdom that can be seldom matched with. These ornaments exude the Force and I am sure your Christmas tree would exude the Force as well, once you hang these awesome Yoda ornaments.

yoda felt ornament

yoda christmas ornament

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Star Wars Boba Fett Christmas Tree Ornaments

boba fett statue ornament

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter who is hired by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon. He is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars He personifies danger and mystery and is a cult figure. These cool Boba Fett Christmas ornaments will add some kick ass punch to your Christmas tree.

boba fett ornament

boba fett cool ronament

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Star Wars Action Christmas Tree Ornaments

star wars action ornament

Star Wars is memorable for many action scenes and dialogues. If you took a look at all these ornaments, you would remember the memorable moments in the Star Wars epic movies. You could bring those moments alive by decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments that depict scenes and dialogs from the Star Wars.

star wars action leia ornament

star wars action jedi ornament

star wars action force ornament

star wars action duel ornament

star wars action confrontation ornament

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Star Wars Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments

cool star wars sweet ornament

The world of Star Wars is an amazing one that never ceases to amaze the fans. It has come a long way from being just a science fiction movie and has even given rise to the Jedi religion which apparently has hundreds of thousands of followers across the world. This Christmas, you could relive the scenes and characters from the Star Wars by decorating your Christmas tree with lovely ornaments that have been inspired by Star Wars.

cool star wars felt ornament

cool star wars cute ornament

cool star wars character ornament

cool star wars felt ornament

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