Custom Wood iPhone Covers from Knock On Wood

cool wood iphone cases

There are so many iPhone cases and accessories available that you simply do not have time to decide which you prefer. For those that want something different besides the Carbon Fiber iPhone Cases or regular flashy and bright choices, there are now some amazing custom wood iPhone covers that are rather light and also grant a vintage and
exclusive look to iPhone owners.

custom iphone covers from wood

We were fortunate enough to get to try out the beautiful iPhone covers from Knock on Wood that were custom made for Walyou.

From the first moment, I fell in love with these new iPhone cases, for they were much lighter than I expected and still maintained a slim fit in my pocket. Moreover, it simply felt right carrying my iPhone in a case that is not too bright and shiny.

wood iphone covers kow

In addition, there are many different wood styles to choose from such as: Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Padauk, Purpleheart, and Yellowheart, and each is made ot fit the iPhoen 3G or the newest iPhone 3GS. The design is mad ein
such a way that the iPhone has a slim fit in the cover, with felt pieces protecting both the screen and it sides. Even better is that once you charge your iPhone or listen to Music while on the go, the top sid eof the case is exposed, so depending on the way you fit your iPhone…and can remain protected.

Jake from KOW explained how they make custom and beautiful engraving on such iPhone covers and was kind enough to make them for Walyou with the logo easily seen, url not as deep to provide a view differentiation and also my name to provide an extra personal sense. This can easily be created for anyone interested in such cases, and this example only shows how different writings, names and needs can be achieved from such iPhone cases.

The wood iPhone covers run from $30 for plain, $35 for standard design to $50 for a custom design and engraving (depending on individual needs and desires). For additional images, details of each wood choice and to make a direct
order, please check Knock On Wood official site. Moreover, they are located in the United States, where all the iPhone covers are made to order.

wood iphone cover kow