Wood Wall-E Avatar: It’s Wood This Time

Wall-E has gone through many different phases in a very short span of time, like from computer mods to Lego Wall-E and even to Wall-E pinatas, there is hardly anything sane that is left that might have not featured our cute little love struck robot, not to mention the latest addition to the list. The newest Wall-E adaptation is something that might turn a lot of heads specially since it is made from the all time classic wood!

Wodden Wall-e

The new creation has some very unique features embedded into it, like for instance the different types and textures of  wood that has been used to highlight the different parts and to separate them, also  this design can have a potential use as a drawer or support a storage mechanism inside it’s actual body. There has been a painstaking attention given to the different types of wood used and the way they all are put together, especially the  woodwork at the base of the whole piece.

Wall-E has gone from just being a small movie ‘bot to being a symbol and an icon for love and peace and also a great working platform for all the various designers around the world, as every designer would like to work on something that is loved by all, so it’s a Hat’s Off to all such cool designers and artists who make our life a bit more memorable.

via:[Do Work Design]