Superman Xbox 360, Smart USB Power Outlet, Doctor Who’s Dalek [Random Roundup]

It has been a few weeks since our last Random Roundup, but this one is just as fun and includes a USB Power Outlet, Wolverine Art, new Joojoo, Iron Man, Doctor Who, The Simpsons and more fun stuff.

We hope you enjoy the variety of posts in the Roundup and always encourage you to send us ideas to [email protected] with more random findings from the Web.

superman xbox 360 mod

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Cool Random Posts:

Simpsons characters as art masterpieces

Military Camouflage of Supercars

JooJoo Video

14-year-old’s 3G4 – a Nintendo64 emulator blows our minds

Doctor Who Fan Builds Life Sized Dalek

Mech Test Tony Stark

Benheck Announces PS3 Controller Monitor Prototype

Make Good Old Walking Stick Rightfully Colorful

Minimalist Superman Xbox 360 Case Mod Thanks Dan!

Nokia 6700 18 Carat Gold Edition

Super Mario Paper Hammer Automata Looks Great

Wolverine Cover Art Thanks to Joe!

TruePower power outlet with USB ports for charging USB gadgets…Great design Michael!