Keepaboo Where You Can Store All Your Babies Gaga And Goo Goo

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Keeping a detailed record of ‘everything’ your baby says provides a fixation that no new parent can overcome, and with Keepaboo, this task has just become a whole lot easier because they offer a product that allows the parents to digitally document their child’s life and store it online.

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The website allows you to create digital parent diaries thus allowing you to track your child’s development on a day to day basis. For the busy modern parent, making and maintaining of a baby scrapbook is a labor of love. On the other hand, with Keepaboo the laborious part can be taken out of the equation as it allows you to create a digital baby life book too which you can upload pictures, quotes (by or to your baby) and other landmarks in your baby’s growth.

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The scrapbook also maintains a graphical record of your child’s physical growth thus making it easy to track the baby’s growth. The website is also linked with twitter so when parents baby tweet about their kids, it pops up on the web site’s home page; and sharing your baby’s diary with loved ones is also possible all thanks to Keepaboo.

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Even though some of those old school parents maybe skeptical of this easy-to-do scrapbook for their baby, this website it seems to be a lifesaver for modern parents who barely have enough time on their hands.

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