Candle Light Dinner? How About A Wine Glass Lit Dinner Instead

light glass design

All those fancy French restaurants which seriously overcharge for their candle light dinners may have just met their match, for the suave self illuminating wine glass changes any setting into a classy and romantic one.

light sommelier_01

This glass illuminates only when one pours the wine out of the bottle supplied with it; which is perfectly timed. Now I know what your thinking but  you cannot actually drink out this glass. It is just used to create an effect of light filling into the glass. But the effect is very cool none the less; the timing o the light in the glass is perfectly synced with the tilting of the bottle. But that’s not the end of it, when the illuminated glass is tilted an illusion of light flowing out of the glass is created which looks just as cool as watching the glass fill up with light.

glass lighware design

Even though the entire concept of the glass s really cool it can only be used as an innovative lighting apparatus; but what would have truly made these glasses outstanding would be if one could actually drink out of them.

illuminated glassware design

This cool illuminated glassware design is made by Studio Dotdotdot who also created the previous Tetris Dinnerware design for exclusive dinner parties of gamers.

light glasses concept