Alterable Eco Cube Lamp Design Looks Minimalist and Elegant

Alterable cube lamp

Anything in black and white gives retro minimalists feel but very rarely one comes across a lamp design which creates the elegant minimalist effect. Ewa Garniec of Warsaw, Poland has designed a Cube Lamp which recreates such a feel that too using all recyclable materials like sponge which is packaging filler and aluminum base. Most interesting part of the design is lamp’s shape can be altered and made to look different.

Alterable cube lamp 1

Its winter holiday time again and many gloomy geeks may want to spend a quiet evening at home with dim lights and music in the company of chosen few friends. Minimalist décor can really set the mood for such evenings and these cube lamps which illuminate the room only a little while letting the darkness reign are ideal for the lovely melancholic winter nights. The size of the cube is 27 x 27 x 28 cm and it will create nice black and white aura wherever it is placed. This Cube Lamp is an excellent eco friendly light for geek homes.

Alterable cube lamp 2

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Via Definitive Touch/Design You Trust