Google Goggles Now Lets You Search By Sight

google goggles

Google is very simple catering to the needs of the people with speed an efficiency but have you wondered if they could make our life any easier? Well, the guys over at Google labs have just come up with that will take Googgle Search to the next level by combining the hand held Internet feature of the Google Android phones with Search thus allowing to search about a topic by clicking a picture of it

Yes it is true, no more typing! if you see you want to Google then just click a picture and let Goggles do the rest. Take for example a book, just click a pic of it via the google goggles application on your android phone and voila you’ll get all the information you need and more just through that one pic. But the wonders of this application don’t end there you can use it to scan a business card which you can then save directly to your contacts. The google Goggles application even works for live feeds which means that if your walking down the streets of an foreign city and want to know what is what just turn on the wonder app and point your camera the the building or store and using your phone’s inbuilt GPS along with the compass the applications will make the information about the landmark available on your phone.

This application is available on all android phones but you should be aware that Google goggles is still under development and will take some time to reach its full potential. As of now it doesn’t work very well things such as animals, cars, food, etc. But the prospects it holds for the future are innumerable.

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