Millennium Falcon Bed Allows Star Wars Fans to Have Sci-fi Dreams

millenium falcon bed

They say something about liking something too much for you would want to live with it, eat with it and even sleep with it! Well, if the “it” in question is a Star Wars game, here is what you could do to sleep with your favorite video game. Kayla Kromer has designed an amazingly geeky Star Wars Millennium Falcon bed. It comes with fully functioning headlights, starfield projection and also has enough space for you to hide all your action figures.

millenium falcon bed front

The space is located in the cockpit, and if you were wondering how you could manage to get suitable pillows, Kayla has taken care of them too and has designed the cool Radar Dish Pillow. No Star Wars fan can deny the coolness of this bed, which looks exactly like the Millennium Falcon featured in the Star Wars series.

millenium falcon bed cool

If you had been dreaming of traveling in different galaxies every night you went to bed, you could now do it thanks to this cool Millennium Falcon Bed. Kayla Kromer has also designed the Hamburger Bed, which leads me to believe that she likes to eat lots of hamburgers and play Star Wars on her bed all day and night. Of course, most Star Wars fans would like to do the same as well!

millenium falcon bed lit up

Via: Neatorama