Google Unveils URL Shortener Service url shortener

When you send tweets, you are limited by the number of characters you might be allowed to send, and it is the same with many other online and telecommunication service and perhaps why there are so many URL shortener services online.

Most of these may not be reliable and hence, Google has unveiled its own URL shortener called, which can be accessed at It squeezes the whole link into few characters and you could just go ahead and paste the shortened URL in your Twitter or wherever else, including emails.

It offers you stability, with great uptime and also makes sure it is secure by protecting you from malware and phishing pages. Of course, the most important factor is the speed, and you get a lot of that when you use It is offered as a Google product right now and is not available for the broader consumer. Google Privacy Policies apply to the Google URL Shortener as well, just in case you didn’t know.

Google has been unveiling many cool services in 2009 such as the following: the Google’s Search by Sight is yet another innovative service which helps you find information better. Google Social Search makes searching for friends, family and professionals an easier task and the Google Music helps you to search for music that you like and listen in a more organized way. It also helps you to buy in an uncluttered fashion.

The Google Wave needs no introduction and the Google Fast Flip allows you to flip through thousands of publications in a short time. Comparison searches are made easy with Google Squared and Google Android has always been making changes in the Internet and Telephonic communications.