Nerf Maverick Steampunk Guns Are Mean

Nerf Steampunk Gun
The Nerf Maverick gun gets meaner and is no longer plasticky, thanks to Aimeekitty (nickname, of course) here who has created amazing Steampunk Nerf Guns. We are sure these pictures pretty much seal it for her, yet we can’t contain the excitement and the admiration that we have for these designs. There are three variations of these guns in fact. One of them is the clocked N-Strike Nite Finder EX-3 (the others aren’t named yet). The splash of blue in the handles, the trigger and in the barrel too perfectly complements the bronzed appearance, giving the gun an ethereal aura. We, for a few seconds, had forgotten this is the same gun that traditionally splashed paint.

Nerf Maverick Steampunk Gun
The designer has kept the conceptualization and creation quite basic. Fabricated with old costume jewelery, a wall socket, some wood and buttons, and glue of course, these guns actually belie the simplicity. That speaks volumes about the skill of the designer. Moreover, these guns have been modded to go with certain costumes, which boosts their appeal factor further. If you were wondering where all the bronze came from, we must tell you that it’s just pure intelligence in paintwork. This one’s a wonder!

Nerf Maverick Nite Finder Steampunk Gun

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