Dinosaur’s Jaws are a New Bedroom for Kids


These days, designing one’s home has become kid’s play as anyone can do that and designing a bedroom is something which reveals one’s hidden talent and creativity. Bedrooms with fairytale, princess land, swan lake and Disney themes have become very common now, but what is still afresh is Jurassic themed bed that showcases the cozy bed into dangerously cute looking soft jaws of dinosaur so that anyone can fall in love with it.


Mentioning its makeover, the bottom jaw of the dinosaur is hinged to reveal a built in toy box, where one can store kid’s toys and other things safely. It is especially the murals which showcase the dinosaur theme. This bedroom theme looks elegant and chic. The bed is not so costly that it puts hole in one’s pockets. Now, one doesn’t have to count numbers to try and get sleep, but think of the ways to beat the dinosaur while lying comfortable in its jaws all night.

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Via: Gizmodiva