Bender Keg Cooler provides New Dimensions in Cooling

bender keg 1

If you are looking for a gift in summers, then Bender keg cooler is the right choice for you, and if you are thinking that it is just another brewer, then you are wrong.

This funny cooler is especially made to look like Futurama Bender with its tap in its cigar and keg resides in his body, as its light blue color is apt for the ones who have a passion for blue color. In brief, this cooler comes with inbuilt container and a removable lid which is of relatively thick wall so that ice may be packed around the keg. There is a flexible web shaped harness that is secured to inner wall of the container as well as straps of harness that are secured by buckles that prevents the keg from floating as the ice melts.

You don’t have to shell out much money to purchase it, and with no batteries and other messy attachments, this looks elegant and chic. One need not to worry about its cleaning procedure as it comes with self-sterilization mode.

Check out the innovative use of the beer keg.

Via: HackADay