McMario: A Cute Roly Poly Super Mario Ball


It’s always the level of obsession and the amount of leisure time one has that decides how people would nurture their obsession and so called hobbies.  One of the most cherished gaming characters from the past, Super Mario Brothers, has probably witnessed some shades of love from its fans. The Super Mario Bros. Fingernail Art Design, Super Mario Rubik’s Cube design and Super Mario Hydrant Art shows how gaming geeks just can’t enough of the this gaming figure of the good old days.

McMario, as hailed by IIISiXII, is a cool inflated version of a winking Super Mario figure. From the looks of the image, it’s a little difficult to guess where this is a real object shot from a camera or just another Photoshop trick. The plastic gloss makes this look like a cute toy to play with. I am trying to figure out how its name McMario was coined. Was it because Mario had an overdose of McDonald’s burger and fries leading to a pork-belly? Or, is it the title “Mc” that brings more oomph for our gaming hero?

Undoubtedly this isn’t one of the things that gave me my perfect oh-my-God moment, because we have stumbled upon a lot of groovy stuff in the past. But the sprawling mustache around a round fat nose and the winking eyes of our new generation Mario is worth a look.