Check List Decals to Help You Get Organized


Do you often forget to take essential things with you while you leave your home in a hurry? Is it a recurring problem of missing your iPod or house keys only when you are halfway towards office and remember having left them at home? If these situations sound familiar, it’s time to take stock of things and ensure a proper solution in place to help you overcome the problem.

So, here’s a cool vinyl sticker that you can put on your door, on walls near the breakfast table, windows, furniture or at any other place where you invariably throw a glance before leaving home. With images of some of the most essential items (cell phone, house keys, iPod etc) that you can’t do without, this sticker will act as a check list for all the essential things that you should carry with yourself.

So, grab this cool vinyl sticker, post it at the most visible place of your home, and you will never have to worry about forgetting those essential things while you go out.

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Via: The Next Web