Star Trek: The Motion Picture Electronic Phaser Replica is the Geeky Gift this Christmas

Star trek The  Motion Picture  Phaser Replica

Actually, Phasers are of the most curious weapons ever seen as their characteristics are unusual, self contradictory and in some ways violating fundamental laws of physics as a maximum power phaser can make a human being disappear in a flash of light, without debris or gas clouds. They can shatter large amounts of rock, knocking very large boulders loose and causing explosive reactions, can head rocks until they become luminescent and what not. But don’t worry; this device is fully safe for your children as they are exclusive amazing Star Trek: The motion picture Electronic Phaser Replica. In the eve of completing three decade of Star Trek: The motion picture, it has been created using minutely detailed production blueprints and featuring sound effects form the movies. This outstanding space gun also presents the removable type-1 phaser making it out of this world and a must own for the trekkies everywhere.

Measuring 5 ½ inches height x 2 inches width x 7 ½ inches longer, are fully safe for kids too as they will enjoy without having any harm on them. These phasers have special settings which includes safety, low stun/heat, stun, kill and disintegrated plus a unique “phaser overload” function playing the transporter sound before it emits an exploding sound. It also has eight unique lights with a power button and a phaser beam emitter. Its available with battery 1.5V AG 13 LR 44 and can be used by the kid above 8 years of age with a price tag of $29.99.

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