The exquisite Pacman Chair Design: It’s Geeky if Real

Pacman chair

Being a Pacman fan, I have always thought that how fun it would have had been if Pacman was real: Chasing ghosts and eating them up, running about in maze. It was always so fun playing and imagining about Pacman and Gadi Dudler herd the fan’s inner voice and designed this killer Pacman chair.

The graphics and its design are so lively that for the first few minutes I was just awe struck. The way the Pacman opened and turned into a chair, it was just awesome. I wished to own it but sadly it was 3D. But don’t worry about that, Gadi Dudler took the first step by designing it and I believe that soon this 3D image will no more virtual. Actually within a few years, I can imagine a pair of those beautiful Pacman chairs in my living room and could see myself entering the room, going and sitting on one of those Pacman chairs.

Creativity is such a thing which can make anything possible as we can remember Jul-e-Vern wrote about Submarine hundreds years prior to its invention. Gadi Dudler has made this exquisite graphic design with the proper color combination and the design of this chair has been so carefully selected and beautifully blended that no one can resist them. This shows that the inventor knows his job very well and this awesome design proves it.

Packman Chair

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