Moving Geeky Tank Cake for Christmas


Keeping an eye on the upcoming festive season, if your taste buds are already yearning for cakes, don’t blame them. We all love to gorge on delicious cakes, isn’t it? However, if you are bored of eating those run-of-the-mill products, how about making a change this season and bringing a fresh breadth of air into your celebrations by way of tank cakes? Wondering what these cakes are? Here’s a snippet for you then.

Thanks to the innovation of Dave Spencer, the inside of these tank cakes consist of a welded metal foundation, and an interior tubing.


The main regions of the cake are carved in a manner so that they fit around the mechanism and are stacked to produce the rough tank shape. On a wooden base, icing is used as the “glue” to bring all the pieces together. So, except for the metallic foundation, interior tubing and the wooden base, you can savor it all.


So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to create your own tank cake splashed with color, which is tempting enough to make you savor a generous helping of it!

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Via: Geekcake