Kinesis Advantage Computer Keyboard – Comfort is The Last Word

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard(1)

If you are really tired of your traditional computer keyboard, here’s something new that you can give a try before giving up – The Kinesis Advantage Keyboard is just the right one to meet all your requirements – be it style or comfort.

Although it might seem a little weird if say it is all yours for $300, but as far as style and comfort is concerned there’s hardly any chance to give a second thought. The Advantage USB keyboard from the house of Kinesis Corporation is ergonomically designed with additional features that are actually not present in other USB computer keyboards. Also, the layout is simply outstanding and fits your hands better. With this new Kinesis Advantage keyboard, you shall never feel tired working even for long hours. The specially designed layout and scientifically placed keys are just perfect to give the comfort that your hands look for when working for long hours.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard(2)

Featured with 2 USB ports, the keyboard can be customized further for Windows or Mac as well. For an extra $25, you can go for the version that has the feature of switching to the Dvorak layout even. The Kinesis Advantage keyboard is one of the scientifically made computer keyboards design in the present age of computers that you can simply not ignore.

Via: [Dvice]