The Handy Underwater Camcorder is for All Geeks


Being underwater changes everything, we as terrestrial organisms are always amazed by our experiences in and underwater. An experience such as a child’s first swimming venture, or an underwater venture to spend time with various aquatic creatures is definitely worth remembering, and for recording and playing back such beautiful experiences an Underwater Camcorder is the best thing to have. Managing staying afloat or being in water and recording at the same time can be a bit too much to handle at the same time and so the underwater gadget that you carry has to be extremely user friendly, light weight and able to deliver quality images and videos. This handy Underwater Camcorder is an awesome gadget you must have for such occasions.

This Underwater Camcorder is slightly larger than a deck of cards and can fit into your shirt pocket! It has the perfect specifications to make your water ventures memorable. It has sufficient storage capacity, has a standard lithium ion battery which stays on for around two hours and has provides high resolution images and videos. It can be connected to your TV for video playback, has a voice recorder and plays back MP3s. All this for just
…unless you want make your very own with the Underwater Camcorder DIY or go for the Underwater Digital Camera mask.