Morphius Robot PC Case Mod: The New Action Figure Case Mod in Town

The market is flooded with a couple of cool PC case mods that are available in the shapes of cool action figures such as incredible hulk and the transformer, and the Morphius Robot PC Case has also joined the bandwagon of these cool figures and has been built by modder Maciel Barreto. With guts and wires hanging out of its metallic body, this robot PC case proves to be war ravaged robot that comes with pretty good details and took the modder months to built.

Each and every detail of the body has been first carved by hand in clay before the Morphius Robot PC Case mod is produced in silicone mold. After that the final shell has been created from fiber glass and resin and got a finishing touch with car paints This elegant looking case looks chic and cool.

If you are looking for some cool PC case mod, then this Morphius Robot PC case is right choice for you, but for more inspiring robot designs and concepts, you can check out the Robot Fingers and the PetCare Robot.