Star Wars Jawa Doll With Sparkling LED Eyes

After the Stuffed Bantha’s adorable response of last year, this year’s attraction is the Jawa Doll with light up sparkling LED eyes. The stuffies from Bitter Betty Blogs are just amazing creations and nice gift for all season and every occasion as the Star Wars Christmas Ornaments we seen before.

Jawa Doll With Sparkling LED Eyes(1)

Betty’s Jawa Doll with its LED eyes lighted up simply looks awesome, as the sparkling and glowing LED eyes have actually added up to the beauty of this toy. This amazing action eyed stocking stuffies is just perfect for all ages. The LED eyed Jawa Doll is a new and somewhat unusual concept that would be loved by all age groups and die hard Star Wars fans.

Jawa Doll With Sparkling LED Eyes(2)

As Christmas bells are about to ring and another year is about to roll in, why not gift your near ones with something different from every year. An unusual gift that would make the occasion memorable is none other than the Jawa Doll with glowing LED eyes or the Darth Vader Potato Head. So, what are you waiting for, go and order for you one before the stocks gets exhausted.

Jawa Doll With Sparkling LED Eyes(3)

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