GlideTV Navigator Wireless Media Remote Review

wireless media remote GlideTV Navigator

GlideTV has introduced the new Navigator wireless remote for those geeks who use their computer as their Media outlet and want some additional compatibility in the living room.

After trying the new GlideTV Navigator, we must admit that it was easy to use straight out of the box, rather interactive for a simple one handed controller and also granted a cool hi tech toy in the living room to go with the media tech. It is unfortunate that a keyboard is not included within the package, for it would have allowed a lot further access, but then again, most of those who would use the GlideTV remote already have the wireless computer keyboard at hand.

glidetv navigator display application

As soon as I opened the box, the first word that came ot me was…luxury. The packagaing and first impressions of the GlideTV remote were rather high: it looked good, felt light and smooth and along with a comfortable trackpad
(allowing optional absolute tracking for mouse cursor), seemed like it could manage the job well.

The Navigator works with either PC, Mac or even the PS3. After simple configuration, I was ready to try it out, and it was rather intuitive and self-explanatory.

new glidetv wireless remote

Surrounding the trackpad are the PC power button, volume controls, media player controls, search botton that opens GlideTV’s search for media sites and additions to help move around easily. As soon as it is fired up, you can simply try it from there and notice how simple it is even for those not extremely hi tech oriented. Along with their intuitive software, you can easily open up videos, music, and use their fair and providing menus.

The remote itself is of course wireless and is charged with the docking station included in the box. Unfortunately, the actual docking station is for charging only using AC power, and for the use with the computer (or PS3) a provided USB dongle is granted.

glidetv navigator docking station

As in power, the remote consists of automatic power saving settings that include going into sleep mode after 10 seconds and also turning completely off if not used for one hour.

glidetv wireless media remote menu

Overall, the GlideTV Navigator Media Remote is a simple, handy and fun wireless media remote that would be a great gift for hi tech geeks who love the toys. It does what you rather want it to, but without a keyboard, leaves you at the application’s offering, unless you want to take along time and enter things using the virtual keyboard. Still, it does grant great flexibility, works with Mac, PC and the PS3 and is simply a great looking and miniature toy…and you cannot deny geeks love those kind of Hi Tech toys.

The GlideTV runs for $149, and for more information, images, or to contact for actual support and questions, you can check out GlideTV’s official site.