The Limited Edition Fender Evangelion Guitar for Major Anime Musicians


If you are an Anime fan and also love playing guitars, then the limited edition Fender Evangelion guitar is sure to be the topmost in your list of “must-have” for the next year. This guitar is perhaps the most beautiful piece of art that you will ever come across. The colors and contours of this wonderful guitar make it a beauty to look at in the first place, with the two guitars offered are a Stratocaster or a Telecaster.

The Evangelion guitars are simply breathtaking and they will surely inspire the Anime musician in you to create the best rhythms ever. The guitars are designed by Fender’s Senior Master Builder – Yuiry Shrishkov and are going to be auctioned very soon and though the starting bet was 500,000 Yen ($5500), their price tag has augmented now. You can have the Rei – Stratocaster for more than $100 000 and the the Rei – Telecaster for $85000. So, if you are interested, try your luck with buying these guitars, which are sure to take your breath away.

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Via: Akihabara News