Han Solo Carbonite Desk: A Unique Touch of Geek for Your Office

Han Solo Carbonite Desk(3)

You don’t have to be a crime lord to have the most wanted themed desk from Tom Spina Designs, for be it your home or office, the Han Solo Carbonite Desk is just perfect for your office décor or for your themed home. Especially for the geekeiest Star Wars nerds.

Han Solo Carbonite Desk(1)

This most wanted custom sculptured amazing Star Wars desk has been designed and assembled by Tom Spina and Richard Riley of Tom Spina Designs. This custom order desk is mainly formed of metal and fiberglass with a glass top with internal lights at the side of the desk adding an added attraction to the main theme. The frozen block is mainly made of steel and eight metal rods support the glass top. As a result the overall structure is very strong and quite heavy too.

Han Solo Carbonite Desk(4)

This particular Han Solo Carbonite Desk is designed for the famous singer Mark Hall and is a one-off piece, but the company is looking forward to custom design many more other unique themed furniture. The Han Solo Carbonite Desk is a sci-fi themed extremely unique desk one can have for one’s home theater or home studio office. If you are in need of a special and themed desk for your office or as a home décor in your home studio, Tom Spina Designs is actually where you can rely on for this.

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