The Colorful Luxeed U5 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

You must have seen many different types of computer keyboards along with mouse but this is some thing extra ordinary once you looked at, can’t stop staring and admiring its beauty. This is the new “Luxeed U5 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard” to impress your eyes and push your mind to galaxy with its 430 LEDs and each LED is enough to attract you.

With various functions, this Luxeed keyboard is also capable of lighting one key at a time and you can choose your color and not only that, but this keyboard can also do many amazing tricks like it can created an animated rainbow across the keyboard or it can even make that specific key light as soon as it is pressed. There are four “preset buttons” above the arrow keys which help you to adjust and customize the color pattern and the dimness, brightness of the present glowing skin of the keyboard. These keyboards have an advantage that this new U5 model of Luxeed doesn’t require any software and can work with any OS because all these controls of setting the key color, modes and storing key presets is already built in the keyboard’s hardware.

You can be more creative to make a fantastic keyboard painting with this or you can create a particular color pattern on those keys which are commonly used by you while playing a specific game. Moreover, a favorite keyboard may be selected between the black or white Luxeed gadget. The only difference between the black and white keyboards is the white keyboard has more brightly lit keys and they have a bit semi-transparent looks while the black keyboard has a different stylish look as only the letters are glowing. Whatever may be your choice is, but the common thing is that both the keyboards look killer when they keys are dimly lit. If you have already fallen for this beautiful illuminating keyboard then you can have it for $139.99-149.99 (depends on your choice).

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