External USB SATA Drive Dock for all the Geeks to Keep Data in Vault

There is exciting news for all the geeks who have filled their pen drives with all the information’s they could but still he yet to store more and even the populace who don’t have much space but a lot to store like music and movies etc. This new External USB SATA Drive Dock which comes in an awesome white shade and with a single or dual drive dock with each drive of 80 GB. So if you have an 80 GB SATA drive, but want a 160 GB one then instead of selling the 80 one and buying a new 160 GB, all you have to do is buy another 80 GB and get them plugged up together with the existing one. If you have a huge SATA drives collection then you can swap between them with the help of hot swap button.

This amazing device with its simple plug and play system works compatible with Windows, Mac OS or even Linux with a killer transfer speed of 480 Mbps when connected via USB 2.0. Its transfer rate shoots up to 3 Gb’s when its connected through eSATA. One of the best qualities about this device is that you don’t have to worry about the SATA Hard drives as it accepts both 2.5″ of Laptop and 3.5″ of Desktop. If this awesome geek device has already captured your mind, then its price ranges from $39.99- $77.99 based on the single dock or dual dock system you choose.

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