Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch Handheld Game

If you have been bored of racing adventures, then why not try a new racing game? What about new Donkey Kong and Watch Handheld Game? It will probably lift you off from monotonous racing adventures. One of the most popular characters of Nintendo, Donkey Kong is back with a bang in the outlets. Not only Donkey Kong but all its friends have also made a comeback. This time Donkey Kong Game has come out in the market with Watch hand held game.

The game looks quite impressive and intriguing too. The game is an early example of platform genre which focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging obstacles. Being a famous game, it is available at all leading stores in your town. If you wish to receive it through post, then postal charges will be extra. Having your own game will add value to your personality.

Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, King K Cool and all other characters have made an appearance as playable characters in this fast paced racing adventure. You don’t need to put on your thinking caps to buy one. Just grab it before anyone else places his hands on the game. The game can be played and enjoyed not only by kids but also by adults. The game costs 93.51 dollars which means that you still save a lot of money if you had bet your money on other racing games. The game is worth much than its price tag.

Of course, there is a cool Transformers Jenga Game , or cool Donkey Kong Wall Graphics available for the original game fans.