Boba Fett Classic Bust Is Intriguing

Boba Fett Classic Bust

If you are looking to expand on your Star Wars collectibles, you can check out this Star Wars Boba Fett Classics Bust that is an awesome collectible and a practical gadget in one. The original bounty hunter can make a great addition to your list and will add the much needed intrigue to your display case, being 5 inches in height and fabricated with resin. And if you are a Fett fan, there is double the reason to gobble it up. The Boba Fett bust has a ‘battle-worn’ look with scratches in the armor indicating that this hunter has already been in a war. There are also Wookie scalps, in addition to the legendary helmet.

Boba Fett as a character struck fear in the hearts of people, thanks to his hunter nature. He chased down people on the run and inflicted punishment to ensure no renegade takes the galaxy for granted. In fact, Captain Solo too was on the receiving end on one occasion, having been captured by this intimidating figure. Now that you have enough reasons to add this ruthless bounty hunter to your collection, what are you waiting for? Shell out $19.99 and he could be yours.

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