The Genuine Lost In Space B-9 Robot to Take You to Space

I can assume your reaction on seeing a 6.5 foot robot with its hand out to capture you and take you to its planet. I bet you will be scared out of your wits but when you hear it perform phrases of Richard Tufeld, which will be real surprising for you, won’t it be? Because this can be the best gift one can get for his birthday as this is new and unique a kind B-9 Robot.

This unique giant robot surprised the world with its 6.5 foot height and its excellent features. It is the animatronics remote-controlled version of the classic television series “Lost in space B-9 Environmental Control Robot”. Every detail has been perfectly replicated and reproduced in this robot by using original archival molds, patterns and blueprints.

All the kiddies just go and ask your parents about this show or can search for old shows and you will get to find as this was one of the most famous television series of 60’s. Made from fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum and steel parts, its torso can be rotated and it has radar heads along with flashing lights, animated ear sensors and clawed arms. You can move this robot along with its torso to any side you wish while activating its soil sampler which comes out of its right treads housing and starts spinning with an audible environmental analysis. It has a jumbo 240 watt audio system and can also perform pre-recorded phrases earlier performed by Richard Tufeld, who is the original voice of the robot from the T.V. series and if you pull its power pack before it shut’s down it shouts “Aaghhhhh…” and “Who turned out the lights?” if you plug it back in. As it has a very light weight of 275 lbs, don’t try to pick it up unless you are a power lifter. It has come with lifetime guarantee with a price tag of $24,500.